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Picture Credit/ Adam Hurst 

The soles of black gentlemen dress shoes hustle in contrast to the brightness of the moonlight threatening to expose his presence to the doomed souls seeking to quench their deviant thirst at twilight. Heavy feet beat against the cobblestone. The tapping along with the splashing colliding beautifully as footnotes carried by the hollowness of the vast alleyways and the endless projection of the wind singing like a symphony that only the streets could appreciate. The shadow like figure makes its way down a dark alleyway; light barely illuminating the streets. None of the patrons notice the giant of a man in a long black trench coat and gentlemen’s hat. The brim concealing his eyes, and the collar of the trench coat casting a dark shadow concealing his facial features.
Drunken laughter echoed in his ears beating against his eardrums. There was no time for a detour— he reminds himself as he continued down the dark alleyway. Although his sadistic mind begged him for release. He couldn’t offered it, not now. Time was of the essence and he had none to spare. And so he continued on; His strides becoming longer, and his pace, faster, more anxious. The wind picked up the coat behind him, making him appear menacing. A shadow demon with wings. Deep laughter echoed in his head as soon as the thought came to him. 
As the wind carried him to his destination; with a one track mind, tunnel vision making him unaware of his surroundings. The tall man pushed past a young woman. The impact rippled through him like rapid waves causing his body to stiffen internally. For a moment he looked over his shoulders, feet still determined to gain ground as he did.
Unable to keep them from meeting their demise. The woman looses her grip as her books fall, each one smacking the ground and tumbling, landing inches away from one another. She gasped, falling to her knees in desseray as her wide eyes helplessly looked down at each one unable to save them from the puddle of mud and water. 
The eyes of the shadowed man, travel to her face. When they do the woman is frozen in place as she glanced up only to be met with two pair of bloody red eyes staring at her intently. 
Without warning he turned around and hurried down the street as quickly as possible. She made me out— he thought as he continued on his way to his destination. However, he had no time to make sure if this is the case. He had somewhere to be. Something to do and although it was crucial to clean up after himself, there was no time. Once he was done, he would take care of his mistake. 
Finally the man arrives at a deserted narrow passageway.

A black heavy wooden door stands between him and the lovely gift that stood inside. Grabbing the brass handle, his delicate masculine right hand turns it counterclockwise, then with his left hand, Palm pressed up against the smooth barrier in front of him he pushed. The hinges protest making the street mices scurry in the opposite direction.
The six feet seven inch man takes one step into the dwelling, his left foot following right behind the other. And the heavy wooden door makes the familiar sound, protesting against the disturbance; once again the wind commands it shut. There it stood, the body of a goddess. 


Links to A Chain


Like air that flows endlessly in infinity, we are links in a chain that if one piece is to fall, we all fall with it, we all fail with it, we all cry with it and die with it. 
Links … Like the soul should always be brought to a state of calm, to strength it, like the mind , it should be spoken to in a way of mutual understanding … For if the language is lost, then the ability to listen compassionately fails. And once communication fails, the cords begin to rot in its wake. 
For the soul to feel openly with out hesitation and expectation, one has to set themselves so high, that all walls fall naturally, you knock them down with your own vulnerability and transparency. We can not expect for the soul to open freely like a rose that has blossomed once the sun touched it, if we become the darkness that smothers its greatness with our own selfishness. 
Lying blame does not help to aid, it helps to destroy, and if you have the inability to feel the pain that the links with in your chain are feeling, than you must not fight for unity, for stubbornness has no room to flourish, it has no room for growth. Ripple affects, are like strong chaotic tides that drag you either deeper into the depths of murky waters or to the safety of the shore … We either drag each other under or find the strength to push each other to safety. 

FILWF Ch 6 ‘Levi’ Pt.2 

Picture Credit/ Instagram 

We start walking down church street. As we approach the crosswalk, I begin to notice people looking in my direction. Not a lot, but some are gawking. I look over my shoulder, and notice a billboard ad inside an H&M store and I try to hide my face. Levi looks at me suspiciously, and her eyes start scanning our surroundings to see what’s causing me angst.
“Is everything okay?” She ask as we stop at the crosswalk due to the traffic lights turning green. 
“Okay, then why are you hiding your face.” She continues looking over her shoulder. And I’m praying that the light turns red so we can cross the street.

Her silence makes me even more anxious, and I glance in her direction, and Levi is looking in the direction of the H&M store exactly where the huge campaign ad is being displayed. I shut my eyes tightly in disappointment and inhale deeply. When I open my eyes Levi turns to look at me and I smile nervously. She smiles back and calls out, “Red light.”
We cross the street in silence. I glance in her direction, and she’s looking straight ahead. I have no idea what to say? Didn’t know what she was thinking? Or whether or not she’s upset because a lied–technically it was a white lie–but I honestly don’t know what to expect.

To cut through the blanket of silence which is killing me, I ask her, “How often do you visit the city?”
“Um,” her round baby doll eyes look up at me while in brief thought, “twice a year, at most.”
“Oh, so is this your first visit for this year?”
Levi nods her head once, and looks straight ahead. “Yes it is.”
“Will you be visiting again?”
She shrugs her shoulders and tells me, “Maybe.”
I know her answer was meant to be vague on purpose. And, I understood why. She’s testing me, to see if I’m interested in wanting to see her again. Not going to lie, I did want to see her again. The perplexing thing is that I don’t feel no hesitation about it.
Now more than ever. She knows it’s me up on that campaign ad and yet she didn’t bring it up. So, that meant something to me. It tells me she’s not impressed by it. It also tells me she is interested in getting to know me for me, and that, that’s something I don’t get very often. “We’re almost there.” I refer to where we were going to eat.
South Sea port is widely known by natives and tourist alike. It’s filled with clothing stores, restaurants, water taxis, bars, and the Historical ships. From time to time they have farmers markets, and tents where hand crafted jewelry sell their merchandise, as well as small art galleries.
The distinct smell of salt water from the river for some isn’t appealing. For me being the person that I am, I enjoy coming here, even during the fall. It’s  a bit nippy out, but nothing too severe. The cooler air is due to us being so close to the waterfront. The beauty of this place is that visitors can also appreciate the beauty of the Brooklyn bridge especially at night when it’s lit up. An amazing sight to see if you ask me.
Levi walks side by side with me, smiling delightfully as we enjoy the different sights. I like enjoy seeing her smile. It’s  like a child, and it holds so much sincerity. To be honest it makes her seem innocent. Her face lights up with so much joy. It’s hard to fathom that one person can be filled with that much exuberance. “I hope you don’t mind the smell of salt water.”
“What,” she laughs lightheartedly, ” I use to come here all the time when I was a teenager. It brings back a lot of fond memories.”
“Then I’m glad I brought you here.” Levi, hooks her arm around my arm and I’m taken aback by it. Then again, this is her. She’s  excited and just carefree. So I allow it, it feels … right.
We continue walking, and Levi asks, “So are you from the city?”
“No, I moved here from Concord North Carolina.”
“Oh, that’s pretty cool. I have family out in North Carolina.”
I raise a brow, and she smiles, and it makes me smile, “That’s a good coincidence.”
“You think so?” She squints her eyes, and licks her bottom lip.
“Yeah, what are the odds?”
She shrugs, “Don’t know.”
I know it makes me sound like I might insinuate soulmate kind of connection. Yet, I’ll be the first to say that I don’t believe in it. It might sound cynical, but lately anything like that isn’t a reality for me. It’s more like a fantasy made up by optimistic people.
I run my fingers through my hair, and ask Levi what she’d like to eat. She tells me she’s in the mood for anything. So, I decide on Phil’s Steak. It looks like Levi rather walk and eat, so Phil’s is perfect.
I watch her in awe as she looks out into the water front. Every now and then I notice her face grows a bit sad. One thing I don’t like to see anyone melancholy around me. It makes me want to comfort them. On the other hand, it’s not in my place to do that with her.
As we are sitting down and eating. Levi looks in my direction. I’m pleased to see that pleasant smile that she sport’s every time she glances in my direction.
In turn it makes me return the favor. This feels like high school to be honest. When two people have a crush on one another, and just continuously look at one another, and blush, or smile. This is how this feels, and it’s a good feeling. It’s full of simplicity.
It makes me feel as if I had no care in the world. In fact, it made me feel like me, Alec Black. “So,” Levi, takes a deep breath, and that deep breath made me nervous, “why did you move to the big apple?”
This is it; the million dollar question which of course at this point I couldn’t lie about. She’s already seen me, so, honestly, it’s time to just come out and say it. Once it’s out there all I can do is hope for the best, and that she doesn’t start treating me differently. “Well,” I clear my throat, and look at my bottle of water, “for work.”
“Oh,” she nods her head, “in advertising.” She smirks sarcastically.
I chuckle, “Yeah.”, and I drop my gaze because there is truly no other way to answer her question.
“Okay, well, how you like your job?”
This is kind of funny that she is playing along with the whole advertising story–that really wasn’t completely a lie–yet not pushing for me to confess that I’m a male fashion model. To be honest it’s kind of fun.
So, I play along and in turn enjoy her company. “It’s pretty cool. I get to travel, see new things. Learn about new cultures when I can, and just have fun.”
“How often do you travel?” When I look into her eyes and her facial expression I know she’s interested in my career.
“A lot, I’ll say about maybe 90 percent of the time.”
“Wow,” she sips her water, then looks out towards Brooklyn, “that’s a lot.”
“Yeah,” the way she says it makes me feel discouraged. Don’t get me wrong, I know I might not ever see this woman again. I also know that anything distant, even friendships doesn’t last. But, something about her made me hopeful, and to hear her say it like that, is a reality check for me. “I have a pretty hectic schedule.” I add.
“Yeah,” she smiles weakly. “But, at least you got some down time today, right?” Her tone sounds like hope to me. I’m truly happy that she can turn that small negative into a positive.
“Yeah, and I met you so that’s a plus, right?”
Levi turns red, and looks away from me, “Yes.”
When we are done eating, we get up and continue walking and talking . Around 8 at night we part ways, but not before I get the chance to invite her to club ‘Red’. As I’m walking back home I realize I didn’t even get her number. It made me feel like a complete idiot. I was so in the moment, that I forgot all about it.

hopefully she does tune up at the nightclub. 
However,  we did take two pictures on my phone. I find it odd that she didn’t ask for a copy of the pics, but it’s all good. It might sound egotistical but, usually strangers that take pictures with me, do it to validate that they met me. However, those are my fans, and Levi isn’t a fan. What she is, is an amazing person who took the time to talk to me and like an ass I didn’t get her number.

God I hope she turns up at club ‘Red’ tonight. 
Hope you all enjoyed Pt.2 of Levi. If you did feel free to comment, share, and like. Again, thank you all for the support and I can’t wait for Ch 7 ‘Club Red’ 😀

Craving Change In My Life

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Lately I’ve been having the feeling of giving back to the universe. I’ve been growing my own vegetation, and also flowers and plants; and in all honesty it makes me feel closer to Mother Nature. Yet, I feel I can do more. I’m a lifter and a big thing for lifters and anyone who’s into weight training … Is protein. However I’m not into body building. Still, protein consumption and consuming enough for muscle growth is a big deal for me. So, I’m usually eating chicken breast, salmon and on leg days I do eat steak. 
In the past couple of days after growing my own vegetation and just feeling grounded. My body is telling me I need a change. My body is telling me I need to change from the inside out. I’m a very spiritual person and mediate a lot, and through meditation, this feeling of needing to change how I’m currently eating is becoming more and more evident. 
Lately, I’ve been thinking of slowly transitioning into a vegan. I’ve been reading articles on football players who are vegans, as well as weight training enthusiasts who are also vegan and now I’m seeing that it can be done. The question now is, how? As someone who has been eating poultry, seafood and meat for almost all my life … How do I transition in a safe and healthy way. 
If there are any vegans out there who have dealt with what I am dealing, and are into fitness; lifting weights, and training with heavy weights … How can someone like me slowly transition to this healthier eating style. Not only my for my body, but mind and spirit. 

FILWF Ch 6 Pt.1 Levi 

Picture Credit/ Val Mercado

Britannia and I spoke till morning. Something we haven’t done in a long time. We talked about her plans here in the city, and also modeling. My up and coming travels, seeing my family, and her, hers. 
Around seven in the morning I decided to go back to Brad’s apartment, take a shower, change clothes. While in in the kitchen eating some eggs, toasts and a fruit bowl, Brad pats me on the back, walks around me and heads for the fridge, “Where were you last night?”
“Well,” I take a sip of my coffee, and put the mug back down, “if you’d like to know mother …” I pause and chuckle, as he glares at me over his left shoulder, “I was at the lounge and then decided to just chill with a friend.” 
Brad sits down next to me, water bottle in hand, “A friend?” He raises a brow. 
“Yeah,” I turn my head in his direction sporting the famous smirk he hates so much, “a friend.” 
He shakes his head, twists the cap of the water and takes long sip. When he’s done he puts the bottle on the marble counter, and runs his hand through his hair, “So,” he inhales deeply, and puts his right hand on his thigh while facing me, “you remember the models at Ian’s casting call?” 
I nod, “Cassie right?” Still remembering I favored her because of her southern roots. 
Sporting his boyish smile, he nods his head, “Yeah …” He clears his throat, “since Cassie’s only been in the city for a couple of days, weeks … Whatever. I thought we could show them both a night out on the town.” 
A night out on the town would do me some good. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone out to a good nightclub or bar in New York City and lord knows that I need a good stiff drink and some dancing to cure my broken soul. 
“Okay, I’m all in bro.” I tell him. 
Looking at me shocked, Brad smiles big, “You’re serious?” 
“Yeah man,” I chuckle and run my fingers through my hair, “I’m in.” 
Brad hops off his stool and shacks both of my shoulders as he does his little dance, “Yeah man! 
I pull away from him as I’m laughing, “Okay, so …” I stand up and he takes a couple of steps backwards, “I have a couple of errands to run, but I’ll meet you here around 6 … 7.”
“Alright, I’m going to hit up Bree and let her know you’re definitely coming.” 
I shake my head, with a smile while I turn towards the sink to put my dishes in the sink. Trust me there are no expectations tonight other than me getting partially drunk and just socializing. Cassie might be there, but I wasn’t going to hook up with anyone. I didn’t need the added stress. All I want to do is drink, dance and chill … With no drama. 
I grab my backpack, keys and wallet, “Alright man, I’ll see you in a bit.” 
I walk out of the apartment making sure to lock the door behind me. On my way to the elevator I send Stella an email to see if she has any good news from her realtor. Then I check my social media accounts and notice I have 100 DM’s in my Instagram account. I decide to answer them later on in the day. 
By the time I make out into the streets of New York City, I put my hoodie on to deal with the chilly weather and begin walking up the street. I continue up the block and make a left on Broadway. 

As I do I’m patting the pockets of my hoodie jacket in search of my phone. I continue walking without a destination in mind; I briefly glance down to reach into my inner left pants pocket to take out my phone. As I do, I walk right in to someone, dropping my phone on the concrete as soon as we collide.
“Shit!” I say out loud as I quickly crouch down to retrieve it. I see another iPhone, reach for it, and a delicate hand reach for it at the same time I did. I look up and the first thing I notice is her beautiful brown eyes. “I’m so sorry. I was looking at my messages.” She says apologetically.
My whole demeanor changes almost immediately, “It’s okay.” I hand her, her phone. I stand up straight and smile.
“Thank you.”, She says with a smile, and then inspects her phone. “Ah …” She exhales in relief, “I seriously need to get a case for this.” She takes a deep breath and looks at me.
“There’s a store not too far from here.” I point behind me.
“Thank you…” She chuckles, “once it cracks, it’s gone for good.” She puts it in her purse, “this would be my third replacement. I’m extra clumsy.”
I chuckle, “It’s okay, clumsy is cute.” I boldly exclaim.
She presses her lips together in a smile, and her caramel skin turns a light shade of pink. The young woman clears her throat, “I’m so rude,” she holds out her hand, “Levi.”
“Alec.” I take her hand and shake it…strong hand shake.
“Nice to meet you Alec.” She tucks her hair behind her right ear.
“Likewise.” She says with a wide smile.
Every time she does I couldn’t help, but look at her heart shaped lips. They were lustrous, and beautiful. “So…” I say to keep my attention on her eyes and not her lips, “you should visit that store. We don’t want a fourth replacement”
“I know,” She says with wide eyes and then she asks, “is your phone okay?”
I look down at it, paying close attention to the screen and the corners. Nothing was cracked or chipped, “It looks like it survived.” I put it back in my pants pocket.
“Maybe you should go buy a case for it as well. You know,” She shrugs, “So, you won’t have a first replacement.”
I laugh lightheartedly, “You are absolutely right. It’s my first one, just got it a couple of days ago.”
“Well,” she raises both eyebrows, “since I’m already heading that way and you obviously need a case. We can just go together, because honestly I’m bad with directions and it seems you know exactly where to go.”
Levi has a point. I know the area very well. And, taking her wouldn’t be that much of a headache. On top of that, I’m off and have a couple of hours to kill before I go out tonight. So, I honestly don’t mind.
Still, I begin to discreetly rock back and forth. Something about encounters with regular people, or should I say none public figures was risky business and worries me. It risks her knowing who I was, and then she might turn into a groupie, possibly a headache. That is, if she’s into fashion or photography.
On the flip side she did have a point about me needing a case for my cellphone. That’s persuasive enough for me to make up my mind.
Scratching the top of my head I tell her, “Okay, I have nothing to do.”
“Yay!” Levi claps her hands like a happy child. Levi gestures with her hand for me to lead the way and falls into pace on my left side. We walks silently for a couple of seconds until she broke the silence. “So, you live around here?”
I shake my head, “No, I was actually just walking around killing some time.” 
“Oh, that’s cool. So you’re are winging it right now? She says with an innocent look. 
I look down at her and I can’t help, but be drawn by her beauty. To the point where I need to look past her to answer her question. “Something like that.” I clear my throat and run my fingers through my hair, and ask her, “what about you?”
“I’m here visiting with family.”
“So where do you live, if you don’t mind me asking?”
“Oh.” I’m somewhat surprised. I honestly thought she lived in the city. She has the accent, so it catches me off guard when she mentions D.C. “Are you originally from D.C?” I ask just to curb my curiosity.
“Oh no, I actually moved out there because of school. But I was born and raised in New York City.”
So, I was right, she’s a city girl.
To be honest, she doesn’t resemble a city girl. Only when she talks, can I tell because of her accent. It’s not to say that city women aren’t diverse, but she is different.

her mannerism are different.

On top of that, she’s really attractive, cute, and almost adorable. Levi’s rather short; about five feet, so that made her even more endearing, but she’s the very opposite of the type of women I’m attracted to.

And still her glow is so inviting and so contagious. I’ve never met; until this day, someone with such a genuine jovial nature. Even when she talks, she just seems so happy. It’s actually a very likable quality.
“How long will you be visiting for?” I finally ask her.
“Two weeks, maybe three, but I’m still deciding.”
“That’s cool.”
Levi giggles, and I wonder why. She looks up at me, when she does, I quickly hold out my arm to stop her from walking in to oncoming traffic.
A car drives by and it’s then that she realizes she was about to cross the street without even looking. “Holy shit,” She begins to breathe heavily, “That was so close.” She takes a deep breath.
“Yeah,” I reply eyes wide, “too close.” I put my arm down, “are you not mindful of your surroundings.” I say breathing heavily myself. It’s not that I was pissed, because I wasn’t. The fact, that at that moment I was full of adrenaline; is what causes me to reprimand her. It’s not intentional, it’s more my reactionary nature. 

Still, with that child like light in her eyes, she tells me, “Just a little tiny bit.” Showing me with her thumb and index finger what little tiny bit means to her and to be honest it’s not much.
“Okay, for my sanity, let’s just pay closer attention to our surroundings.” I tell her trying to relax. Levi smiles genuinely and I return the favor.
“Will do,” Levi adorably looks up at me with her big eyes, “and thank goodness you were here to protect me from oncoming traffic.”
Her tone of voice is so lovable. That I couldn’t possible continue scolding her. Yes, I had gotten really worried to be put through a scare like that. I’m protective by nature, but it was sort of odd to have that much responsibility put on me by a complete stranger. That as well was what caused me angst.
“Red light.” She calls out bringing me out of my thoughts.
Instinctively I go to grab her hand; then catch myself and pretend my intent is to put it in my pockets. We cross the street. As we continue to walk, in my head I wonder why I’d hold out my hand to hers.
She’s someone I met five minutes ago. Don’t get me wrong. Instant attraction can happen to almost anyone. Shit, it happens a lot to keep,but something about Levi is different, fun, jovial and I like that. She gives off a feeling of … Comfort. 

I momentarily glance in her direction. I watch her closely; eyes taking in everything around her. Even as she walked beside me she had a hint of a smile on her face. Maybe it’s because she knew I was glancing at here every now and then.
To be honest, I didn’t care. I was intrigued by her, and my observing nature was starting to peel away surface layers of her as I read her body language. It said she was truly the care free type of person. Nothing seems to bother her.
In this very moment, it’s that easy going nature of hers that made feel at ease. It’s like ‘like’ at first sight. Something that has taken me by surprise. By nature I am a laid back person, friendly and social when I need to be. However it takes me a while to warm up to people in a way that allows them to get in my personal space. 
Jessica and I hit it off so well when we first started talking, because we had something in common, and it was mutual career interest. It was natural to warm up to her because we worked together and bones the same people. Same with Cassie, the model I met at the go see. 
Levi … She’s a stranger, not of my word, and this is why I find it funny that I’m warming up to her so quickly. Here I am wanting to get to know her. Wondering what she was doing for the rest of day? Why the hell was she so easy-going with me? Then, it dawns on me, she had no idea that I am a model!
That was it, it had to be it. Assuming that she doesn’t know me, made me feel good. This means for once I am going to spend the day with someone and not have them talk to me; about me. Something that’s extremely frustration. Having a fan just yap and yap about you is well, no offense … crazy. Think about it for a moment …. There is truly a thin line between appreciation which I don’t mind. Then there is borderline obsession.
You’re probably thinking how dare I, those are his most loyal fans … and you are right they are. But, I dare, because I’m human. I dare because some take it overboard and overstep certain boundaries. So talking to someone that hasn’t read my bio because they googled me on the Internet, is a breath of fresh air.
To add more to that, not having someone that doesn’t know me say ‘I love you’ is also a breath of fresh air. You can love my work, that’s to me is normal. In fact, it’s humbles me and I find it honorable. Now loving me without knowing me, but doing so because you draw up a fantasy of me … I don’t know, what do you think that is?
“So…” Levi begins to say making me focus my attention on her instead of my thoughts, “You said earlier you were just on an about, but not many are out and about in the financial district. Is there a specific reason why you would pick this side of town?” 
“Should there be?” I raise a brow. 
She shrugs her shoulders, “I don’t know. I guess …” She tucks her hair behind her right ear, “I guess in trying to ask you what you do?” She briefly looks up at me squinting her eyes, and then looks away.

I clear my throat, “Do you mean my job?” Think of something believable, remember she’s from the city.
“Ye-ah.” She snorts.

She nods and I’m relieved she buys it, “Cool.”
“What about you?”
“Really?” I say somewhat shocked. She doesn’t look like the type to be into computers. Or the book smart type at all. Call me stereotypical, but Levi was curvaceous, had well sized breast, and she had an athletic body at the same time. Usually someone as beautiful as her aspires to be in the entertainment business.
In my opinion, it’s hard to picture her with a book in hand, and studying for a test. Judging by the way, she dresses, she looks more like the girly tomboyish type, not the nerdy type. I know it’s not nice to be stereotypical about others, but I’m only being honest.

We continue walking until I finally see the store, “You say it like it’s a surprise.” Levi finally exclaims. 

“Honestly,” I pull the door open for her and she waits for me to finish before she walks in, “You don’t look like the type.”
“Ha,” she laughs in a lighthearted jokative way, and walks into the store. I lower my gaze enough to avoid making eye contact with the customers. Fashion is really popular in these neck of the woods, which means my face is on major fashion advertisement billboards in this area. I try to kind of, relax, as I pray no one notices me. “I hope I didn’t offend you.” I tell her to calm my nerves and also hoping I didn’t make a wrong move by being too honest.
“Of course not,” she looks over her shoulder. “Because I can easily say you don’t look like you’re in advertisement.” I grow silent, “but…” she continues standing by the accessories, “you can never judge a book by its cover.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.” I tell her holding both of the straps to my back pack.
“Very smart of you.”she tells me and winks in my direction. 
I smile appreciating her playfulness and I begin to look through the cases with her, “See anything you like.”
“Um….” She looks past all the pink cases, another surprise.
“No pink.” I comment on her overlooking them just to see what she’d say.
“Oh god no, I’m not the girly type.”
“Really?” I questionably raise an eyebrow.
“Really, I’m more in to black, hence…” She waves her phone, “black phone.”
I chuckle, “Excuse me.”
“Just saying, I like my blacks, my reds, no pink.”
“What about you?” Again her playful smirk is on her lovely face and I grin. 
“My blacks,” I take out my phone and wave it like she had, “hence black phone.”
“Well excuse me.”, She mocks me right back. It causes us to laugh at the same time.

something I haven’t done this genuinely since my break up with Jess. And in this moment in glad I’ve met her. 
We continue looking through phone cases and a female sales rep walks up to us and asks, “Do you need help with anything?”
Levi clears her throat, “Um … I need the sturdiest case. I mean something that can survive multiple collisions with concrete, as well as stairs.”
“You need the otterbox.”, She walks over to the otter boxes. “A particular color?”
“Black, black and white, red or red and black.”
“Okay, and you sir, do you need a case for your iPhone?”
“Yeah, same thing, same colors.”
Levi looks at me and grins. I shake my head and smile surprisingly lower my gaze because I run the risk of blushing. The sales associate goes ahead and picks out two black cases for our iPhones and walks us over to the cashier registers. She rings up the cases together, and Levi stops her, “Oh, I’m sorry its separate.”
“I got it.” I tell the associate right away as I take out my wallet.
“No really, I can pay for…”
“I got it.” My voice firm letting her know I wasn’t going to budge.
Levi shuts her mouth; looks at the sales associate and briefly smiles. In turn, the young lady takes my credit card, swipes it and Levi makes a face of displeasure. The cases go in the bag, along with the receipt and it’s handed to me. “Thank you very much.”
“You’re welcome sir.”
Levi and I walk out of the Verizon store. I bring my left wrist up, pull the sleeve back to my sweater to glance at my wrist-watch. It’s 5:50 pm. I’m still have plenty of time to socialize. I have a lovely young lady next to me, who seems not to have any where to be, and she says while sounding a bit upset. “You didn’t have to do that.”
“It’s not a big deal.” I reach into the bag, “what are you doing for the rest of the night?” I ask her as I take the phone case out and hand it to her.
“Thank you.” She gives me a half smile when I hand it to her and continues on to say, “honestly I was just walking, and sightseeing. I don’t visit much. So, when I do I like to go sightseeing in the city.”
I smile, “Like a tourist?”
“Pretty much.”
We stand at the corner of the street; away from passersby and I asked, “Do you mind if I tag along?”
The wind was blowing her hair in her face, so she gathers it in a ponytail and picks it up in a messy bun. Levi looks at me with her lovely smile, which in beginning to love so much and tells me, “I have to warn you I do love to walk a lot. So, I hate people who complain about their feet hurting.”
“Well I like to walk as well and I don’t complain so you’re in luck.” I told her and I brandish my boyish smile.
“Okay,” she nods her head, “you can tag along.”
I smile internally. This was one of those moments where I really wanted to get to know someone. I’ll have to admit, I’m so taken by her. Her personality is intoxicating and I am in a jovial mood because of her. “So, where too?” I ask her.
“Honestly, I need to eat.”
“I know the perfect place.” 
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See you all in Ch 6 Pt.2

Inconsistency equals Cutting Them Off! 

Picture Credit/ Internet

This is something I need to vent about because I’ve gone through plenty of this with people that enter my life and I think I should spread some wisdom for women who are currently going through this now and are making up excuses as to why they shouldn’t let go. 
I have a friend who is going through something and I feel like it’s plainand simple … Bullshit. This can happen in any relationship and at any level. Friendships, family and romantic relationships as well. Let’s be honest though, it happens most with people that pursue romantic relationships. 
So, this person she’s talking to was very attentive in the beginning, always talking to her, always giving her time and affection. She in return did the same despite her having trust issues, she did the same and reciprocated what he was giving. Mind you my friend is a really busy individual, but she still made time. A month goes by and he starts being inconsistent. 
Morning wake up calls, and messages started to become less and less, good night calls and messages the same. He would discuss all his problems with her, and yet when she would do the same(which is rarely since she talks to me the most) he wouldn’t really show interest or be a good listening ear. 
He started to become unavailable, and yet she continued being available; thinking that maybe he was just going through something. Another month went by, and she became his dumping ground of stress and issues, and she would just … Well allow it. Becoming frustrated, moody, depressed … Because of all that negative energy he would dump on her.
Several occasions she would ask me questions like “V if you were talking to someone and all they did was talk to you about their problems, but never show interest in how your day is going … How would you feel?” 
And I was honest … “Like they are using me.” 
And then she would ask, “Well, he’s not using me. He was all about me and now he’s just … Not consistent.” 
I had to be honest with her and tell her that she needs to drop him, but before she did to at least voice her concerns with him before she does. And she was a bit iffy about it because she didn’t want to seem clingy. 
Now … I had to laugh. Because if he thinks her voicing her concerns is clinging he’s a dick. Let me tell you something ladies and gents. If you make time for a person, where you make sure even when you are busy you give them a quick text “hey how are you?”
They should do the same. I’m sorry, it’s the truth. If I can take two minutes out of my busy schedule to see how she’s doing, then someone who definitely has time to complain about his problems with her for hours, can do the same. I don’t care how busy you are. And I’m sounding mean, but I’m not. 
My philosophy is, if you become inconsistent, I’ll become the same way. I’m not going to allow anyone to treat me less than how I treat them. A person only does to you what you allow them to do. I don’t care if it’s a friend or family member or someone you sleep with. I understand people have problems and such. 
However, if I’m busy and give you my time; which is valuable to me but because I care about you and value you as a friend I will always make time for you … No matter how busy I am. I will make time, ten minutes hurts no one. 
So I told her, make yourself unavailable to him. He doesn’t say good morning to you or call you. Don’t call him. He doesn’t message you or gives you two word replies when he does … You return the favor. When he starts talking to your about his problems, cut him off and tell him you are busy and can’t talk right now. Plain and simple sometimes ladies you need to be and think like a man. It’s the honest truth, in situations like hers … Yes. It’s a 50/50 kind of approach. 

My friend is a sweet heart and it pains me to see her feeling lost in this situation. It seems she’s grown attached to this … Undeserving person and she really doesn’t deserve this. I know she’s afraid to lose someone she’s basically been so open to … But, I don’t want her losing pieces of herself to some one who obviously doesn’t care about her. 

When someone cares girls and boys, they will always have time. I will repeat this over and over again because adults understand the value of a persons time when it’s given to them. And have the common curtesy to respect that time and if they can’t talk for what ever reason; they let you know. If there’s an issue be an adult and discuss it instead of a person trying to figure out what’s your damage. You can’t talk to them or can’t make time for them, be honest. One thing that I dislike with a passion is selfish people who only talk to you or look for you when they have problems but forget about you once shit is good and then when you go ghost have the audacity you say “Damn stranger where have you been! 
Really? No … Know your value and let others know you aren’t a distraction. You deserve what you give in return if not … CUT THEM OFF! Because the worse feeling in the world is being with someone and still feeling alone. 
Sorry for the rant. I just truly care about this person and I had to some how vent. Stay Classy people. 

Introducing Another FILWF Character 

Male Model/ Roman Shlyakis 

Introducing one of my favorite characters from my online story, Falling in Love with Fashion …. Brad Lazaro, also known as Alec Blacks best mate. For me male model Roman Shlyakis fits Brad physical characteristics perfectly. He has a playful, but very sultry look and Brad is all about sultry and being playful. Also I wanted a counter part or best friend that was completely opposite of Alec. Alec is all tattooed and bad ass. Brad for me had to fit the clean cut male model physical attributes; and typical look that we all see in the fashion editorial magazines. So I hope you all like him as much as I do. 

Here is the snippet I promised. Ch 6 Pt. 1-2 are being edited and will be up this Sunday❤️Ch 6 Pt.1 Short Preview;

He shakes his head, twists the cap of the water and takes long sip. When he’s done he puts the bottle on the marble counter, and runs his hand through his hair, “So,” he inhales deeply, and puts his right hand on his thigh while facing me, “you remember the models at Ian’s casting call?” 
I nod, “Cassie right?” Still remembering I favored her because of her southern roots. 
Sporting his boyish smile, he nods his head, “Yeah …” He clears his throat, “since Cassie’s only been in the city for a couple of days, weeks … Whatever. I thought we could show them both a night out on the town.” 
A night out on the town would do me some good. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone out to a good nightclub or bar in New York City and lord knows that I need a good stiff drink and some dancing to cure my broken soul. 
“Okay, I’m all in bro.” I tell him. 
Looking at me shocked, Brad smiles big, “You’re serious?” 
“Yeah man,” I chuckle and run my fingers through my hair, “I’m in.” 
Brad hops off his stool and shacks both of my shoulders as he does his little dance, “Yeah man! 
I pull away from him as I’m laughing, “Okay, so …” I stand up and he takes a couple of steps backwards, “I have a couple of errands to run, but I’ll meet you here around 6 … 7.”
“Alright, I’m going to hit up Bree and let her know you’re definitely coming.” 
I shake my head, with a smile while I turn towards the sink to put my dishes in the sink. Trust me there are no expectations tonight other than me getting partially drunk and just socializing. Cassie might be there, but I wasn’t going to hook up with anyone. I didn’t need the added stress. All I want to do is drink, dance and chill … With no drama. 
I grab my backpack, keys and wallet, “Alright man, I’ll see you in a bit.” 
I walk out of the apartment making sure to lock the door behind me. On my way to the elevator I send Stella an email to see if she has any good news from her realtor. Then I check my social media accounts and notice I have 100 DM’s in my Instagram account. I decide to answer them later on in the day. 

Passion is what moves and steers us to greatness